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Water-Soluble CBD vs. Traditional CBD Oil: What's the Difference

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July 23, 2023

What you take is not as important as what your body absorbs. It doesn't matter how potent a product is, if you can't absorb it. It's not fair to order an incredibly delicious and perfectly sized meal, only to be able to consume a small portion of it.Oil and water do not mix. However, water is more than half our body weight. When we consume CBD oil products orally, they don't work as well as they should. This CBD product is fast-acting, and has superior absorption.

Why CBD Water-Soluble Products are the Most Effective

The term "bioavailability" is used in the supplement industry to describe the amount of substance that is able enter the bloodstream and have an effect. It's the number of nutrients or components that are actually absorbed. If a CBD product is high bioavailability, it means it has CBD that's been processed so that it can absorb at a faster rate.We lose bioavailability from vitamins and supplements, including CBD, due to something called first pass metabolism effect. The first-pass metabolic effect occurs when supplements are metabolized in a particular location within the body. This results in a lower concentration of the supplement once it reaches its site of action.The majority of CBD in a CBD oil product is destroyed by the liver when it passes through the body. This occurs before the CBD reaches general circulation. Only a small fraction reaches the bloodstream.Converting the oil-soluble CBD into a form that is water-soluble is one of the most effective ways to combat the first-pass effects. It makes sense, since the average adult contains between 50 and 65% water. Water-soluble CBD can be absorbed more easily and in higher concentrations into the stomach and lymphatic systems than oil-based CBD products.This leads us to another question.

How does CBD Water-Soluble get Made?

CBD is hydrophobic. This means that it doesn't dissolve in water by itself. It also dissolves in fat, which means that it is lipophilic. The oil-based CBD particle needs to be digested slowly to reduce to a size that can be absorbed. This is why CBD is recommended to be taken along with food to get better results. As the CBD is metabolized, its effectiveness will diminish over time.The process of nano emulsification can convert CBD, which is naturally an oil-soluble substance into one that is water-soluble. CBD nanoemulsion is a process that uses an emulsifier to force two substances, such as oil and water, to mix.The nano emulsification process causes CBD particles, which are already small, to become even smaller without losing any of their value.After CBD molecules are reduced in size, the nanoparticles of CBD are placed into an emulsifier, where it is dissolved by fat, so that it can reach the bloodstream quickly. It is this that allows CBD to mix with the water in your bloodstream.These nano-sized CBD particle are absorbed at a faster rate and with greater potency. They don't have to attach themselves to fat or slowly digest. These nano-sized particles absorb at a faster rate with a potency of 5x-10x. The fast absorption makes it easy to consume your daily CBD dose with coffee, water or any other drink.

What you should look for and what to avoid in water-soluble products

Water-Soluble CBD requires additional ingredients and processing to reach this nanoparticle size. It's therefore important to understand what to look out for. Organic CBD derived from hemp differs greatly from the conventional CBD available today (including at gas stations - stay away!) For the best product experience, look for products that are made with natural ingredients and certified by a third party.

Oil Benefits It's still a valuable product

Orally consuming CBD oil and oil-based product may have some downsides in terms of absorbing CBD. However, there are more effective ways to consume CBD oil and oil-based product.The first-pass metabolic process is also less affected when you drop a tincture on your tongue and allow it to be absorbed through your salivary organs. It's difficult to change your favorite supplement regimen, as it is sacred to you. ).Applying CBD creams or balms topically to your skin allows CBD to be absorbed through your skin. This delivers the substance directly into the system. This method does not inhibit the first-pass reduction of concentration at all.

The Bottom Line

Water-soluble supplements are a great option because there's no need to guess. You can be sure that you will get the full benefits. It's also a smart way to stretch your supplement budget by taking less for longer.Water-Soluble CBD has a greater impact on the CBD experience, and is easier to absorb by the body. However, the choice between Water-Soluble CBD and Oil-Based CBD comes down to personal preference. Water-soluble CBD has many benefits, and is a great addition to any supplement regimen. However, if you want to maximize your CBD experience, you can save money by introducing it into your daily life.

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